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  • How Telemedicine is Transforming Health Care

    How Telemedicine is Transforming Health Care

    Telemedicine is a set of methods used for improving health care facilities, public health and health education delivery, and support by using mobile technologies. In other words, virtual medical health and education services can be delivered easily. Some of…


    In the midst of a global pandemic, we have been forced to adapt and make significant changes to our regular daily lifestyle. From drive-by graduations, birthday celebrations, and baby showers to family gatherings via video calls. The life many of us have known…

  • How to be happier without drugs?

    How to be happier without drugs?

      Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa, and Lexapro, are just a few brands of serotonin that we prescribe for those who suffer from depression, and/or anxiety disorder.  There is evidence that these drugs can also improve premenopausal symptoms, even a role in…

  • Should I try alkaline diet?

    Should I try alkaline diet?

    The body’s bloodstream maintains a stable PH no matter what we eat, and there is no way that you can affect your blood PH by eating acidic foods. We now know that acidic food does not affect bone health.  A recent systematic review of the literature…

  • What’s GERD diet?

    What’s GERD diet?

    GERD is gastroesophageal reflux.  It’s when stomach acid comes up into the esophagus. How does GERD cause damage? The acid in the stomach can melt a pencil at Ph of 2.  Even when it does not come all the way from the stomach back into the mouth, you…

  • How To Maintain A Low Sodium Diet?

    How To Maintain A Low Sodium Diet?

    What is sodium? Sodium is an element that is found in many foods as well as water. The body requires a small amount of sodium in the diet to manage blood pressure and volume. However, most people consume many times the amount of sodium needed. The average American…

  • Low-impact Cardio Exercises

    Low-impact Cardio Exercises

    What is low-impact cardio? While it’s important to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyles, a heavy physical activity can sometimes have a negative impact on your joints. If you suffer from joint discomfort or have an existing injury, then the pressure…

  • Don’t ask for a test of PH level of the blood

    Don’t ask for a test of PH level of the blood

    I get asked about checking the blood PH or urine PH because more and more people are trying Alkaline diet.  They are following the diet and want to monitor if the diet made a difference.  Just like if a diabetic patient cut down on their intake of sugar, or…

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