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Having a health coach gives you a go-to contact person to help you achieve and maintain optimal health, so you can live a long and healthy life. At Spruce Medical Group Shawn Hamilton MD in Irvine, California, you can meet with a dedicated health coach who gets to know all about you, your health, and your lifestyle. Book your health coach appointment online today, or call the clinic directly to speak with a team member.

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Health and Wellness Coaching has been identified as the top 5 skills in the Healthcare Sector. Our curriculum trains you on neuroscience, lifestyle change, habit formation, nutrition, coaching psychology, stress management, and much more.

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Health Coach Q & A

Why do I need a health coach?

The goal of health coaching is to make positive changes and lifestyle choices that can enhance your wellness and lower your risk of chronic disease. Health coaching may be right for you if you:

  • Need to lose or maintain weight
  • Want to get started on an exercise plan
  • Struggle with stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Are at risk of developing a chronic disease
  • Have a chronic condition, such as diabetes or hypertension
    Or maybe you’re already living your best life and are generally healthy. Your health coach can help you stay motivated and hold you accountable for maintaining your good habits.

What happens during a health coaching session?

Spruce Medical Group Shawn Hamilton MD provides personalized health coaching services for men and women of all ages. During your appointment, you meet with your dedicated health coach who sits and has a conversation with you. Depending on your health history and any concerns you may have, your health coaching session can include:

  • Exercise planning
  • Dietary counseling
  • Weight loss management
  • Disease-specific education
  • Smoking cessation solutions
  • Meditation and stress-reduction techniques
Exercise planning

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    How often do I need to see my health coach?

    It depends, but your health coaching plan from Spruce Medical Group Shawn Hamilton MD is entirely tailored to you. In general, it’s common to meet with your health coach about once a week for at least three months.

    Your unique health coaching plan may include two to three visits per week for up to six months or more if needed. The compassionate team of health coaches at Spruce Medical Group Shawn Hamilton MD are available for as long as you need them.

    Learn more about health coaching services offered at Spruce Medical Group Shawn Hamilton MD by booking an exam online today. You can also call the clinic to schedule an evaluation.

    What our Patients are saying

    Charlene B.

    Dr. Hamilton always listens to my concerns and takes very good care of me. I recommend her to all my friends.

    – Charlene B.

    Tala D.

    After informing the reception of having an appointment with Dr. Hamilton & waiting for over half an hour, I only come to learn that I will be seen by a different doctor.

    – Tala D.

    Jennifer N.

    Dr. Bloom was great! He listened to my issues and took care of them quickly and was very informative.

    – Jennifer N.

    What does a health coach actually do?

    A Health Coach is a prepared proficient who works with customers in a gathering or 1-2-1 setting. The reason for a wellbeing mentor is to empower their customer to make long-term positive health changes via good advice, motivation, and support.

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