In the midst of a global pandemic, we have been forced to adapt and make significant changes to our regular daily lifestyle. From drive-by graduations, birthday celebrations, and baby showers to family gatherings via video calls. The life many of us have known has changed. The only way to overcome change is to adapt and that is exactly what the healthcare industry has done. The introduction of Telemedicine has made it convenient for you to see your doctor without having to leave the safety of your home. Whether it is for convenience or you simply do not feel comfortable sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office this is an option that is available for you. Telemedicine offers you not only privacy, but it’s also cost-efficient and convenient!


Telemedicine is a new branch of medicine that helps you schedule a virtual consultation with your assigned physician. Advancements in modern technology have made it possible to meet physicians through a virtual visit to the clinic.


Healthcare practices have had to adjust the way they interact with patients whilst simultaneously being able to ensure that everyone can be seen and get the same level of care. Telemedicine ensures that you can get the same level of care at your convenience. By scheduling a virtual appointment, you are not only doing your part to keep yourself and others safe, but you are also getting more time with your physician. Telehealth services help provide essential care to patients and minimize the transmission of COVID-19 to healthcare workers and patients. When you schedule a virtual appointment with your physician you are saving much-needed PPE for staff that must directly come into contact with infected patients.


Ideally, to get ready for a telemedicine appointment it is preferred NOT required that you would have seen the physician sometime that year. However, if you have not it is important to gather as much information about your health as possible. For all patients who have a telemedicine appointment, it is imperative that you have the following information so that our dedicated internist can get a better glimpse of your overall health. If you’ve been to any doctor’s offices, urgent cares, or visited the emergency room please have those records sent to your physician along with your current weight and height, for women please have the last day of your menstrual cycle, write down all of your symptoms (if any), questions and or concerns, have your pharmacy information available and have all of your prescriptions either written down or directly in front of you.


Cost Saving

Meeting your primary care physician virtually, you always get a good deal by avoiding coming into the actual office.

Do Not Disturb Your Schedule

Video consultation takes away the need to take breaks from your work. You can schedule your visit anytime without disturbing your work at all. It is also a great option if you are traveling and you’re unable to physically make it in. . You get the instructions to maintain your health without missing anything.

Easy Access to Specialists

Reaching your health specialist is simple and easy with the help of technology. You don’t need to travel miles for appointments and get easy access to the doctor. Your health is a serious issue, and we understand how long-distance travel can be a barrier.

Safe From Diseases and COVID

The clinic is always a high-risk zone. Despite all the safety measures, you are potentially exposing yourself and others. Using telemedicine, you can easily avoid your exposure and protect yourself and your loved ones too.

Frequent Health Checkups

Frequent virtual visits and meetings with your doctor help you in monitoring your symptoms and health better. You can easily manage your medication and lifestyle changes.

If you are ready to get started on doctor’s visits from the comfort of your own home in Irvine, California, contact Spruce Medical Group. You can schedule your consultation or speak to the experts over the phone.

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